Thursday, March 17, 2011

The day so far

3 of the first 4 games decided in the final seconds. This is why I wake up and start drinking at 9. I love the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament, there's nothing quite like it. Nothing but non-stop waves of excitement all day. So far I am 2 of 4 in my brackets. I should have known better than to go with Rick Pitino. He will ALWAYS break your heart. How do you lose to Morehead St?! As I am typing this Princeton has a 5 point lead on Kentucky with 13 minutes to go... Gonna be a great finish to this as well. The ebb and flow to these games is fantastic. I think that's the best part of March Madness- the roller coaster of emotions. It's not too long after one dramatic finish that you have to move on to the next game. I have Richmond beating Vandy in my obligatory 12 v 5 upset... Stay tuned...

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