Saturday, March 19, 2011


ESPN NFL NFLPA responds with official letter

The NFL lockout continues with no end in sight... If the only issue seperating the two sides is the one billion dollars more that the owners want from the players ans the players are willing to give the money as long as the owners open up thier books to justify thier request, then that begs the question... Why haven't the owners opened their books? The NFL, since Roger Goodell took over in 07, has handled itself with an aire of arrogance when it comes to league matters. They have become too cute in the manner that they have handled things... What other organization launches their own investigations into criminal matters after the authorities close their investigation? The owners refusal to try and work with the players is just the latest example of their arrogance. If the lockout continues into the fall and no football is played, I think the owners are over estimating fans patience. The backlash and fallout from a lost season is going to be a lot more severe than they anticipate. If they are not careful they will loset fans to the NHL and NBA, both of which  have some great young superstars and a decent product. The NFL isn't the only game in town during the winter months, given the opportunity to watch the NBA and NHL in place of the NFL, fans just might see what they've been missing while watching football all this time. Its not like the MLB where, in the summer months, its the ONLY thing going on. People are going to want to watch sports and you can only watch the NFL Network for so long until you grow tired of reruns and want something new.

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